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One of Saint Loup's treasures are the intact Archives of the Chateau , Park and Garden as they existed in the XVII th and the XVIII th. c.

The profusion of documents, the extraordinary detail of numerous plans, inventories, sketches as well as the correspondence between the caretakers and Lords of St loup, stored at the " Archives départementales des Deux sèvres"  have allowed the restoration of the gardens to the shape given to them by Jacques de Boyer de la Boissière in the XVIII th century in the great tradition of french formal gardens.
 This is an exceptional patrimony, both historic and botanical as many French gardens have been transformed or even been denatured by the romantic vision of the XIX th century.

The restoration of the gardens and buildings undertaken in 1992 at the initiative of the French Department of Culture and Charles Henri de Bartillat is still underway.


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